21 Jul 2014

I used to think that people who could not keep up with The New Yorker were shallow individuals with suspect priorities. Now I think of them as just another desperate fellow traveler, bobbing in a sea of information none of us will see to the bottom of.

David Carr, finally feeling the pain of infinite information (and the New Yorker’s nearly infinite article lengths)

Riding the Juggernaut That Left Print Behind - NYTimes.com

19 Jul 2014

Pratt Campus at Twilight (at Pratt Institute)

Pratt Campus at Twilight (at Pratt Institute)

15 Jul 2014

Le Tricolore!

Le Tricolore!

11 Jul 2014

Thoughts on three years at Amazon.


I recently left Amazon after three years as a Product Manager (PM) in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kindle. Some thoughts on my journey, Amazon, and personal takeaways on building products for one of the iconic companies of our generation:

Dubai to Seattle

As a born and bred Dubai-an who had…

Fascinating and eloquent inside look at being an Amazon Product Manager from a friend and former Columbia classmate.

3 Jul 2014

We think that there’s a huge opportunity between the Business Insiders of the world, which are colloquial and fun and often unreliable and occasionally slanderous and definitely picking our stuff off … and the Wall Street Journals of the world, which are accurate, reliable, based on access and frequently dull. There’s a huge space for us to play in.

— Justin Smith

The new Bloomberg Media | Capital New York

2 Jul 2014

Vox Is the Conde Nast for Next Generation

Jim Bankoff:

"We don’t want to be another portal where everything is just general." (Focus on verticals creates authority and brand permission)

"We’re closer to the cable company than a magazine company." (On increasing importance of video)

26 Jun 2014

3) In app data available in web search. This is a big one. When I search on mobile web for a restaurant, I’d sure like to see a Foursquare result come up if I’ve got the Foursquare app on my phone. Same with Tweets, Songs on SoundCloud, Movies on Fandango, etc, etc.

Yes please. We now generate so much data in silos, and need a focus on pulling that data across platforms and apps (along the lines of better / increased mobile deep linking).

Some Quick Thoughts on I/O – AVC

21 Jun 2014

Dry. Aged. Ribeye.  (at Momofuku Ssam Bar)

Dry. Aged. Ribeye. (at Momofuku Ssam Bar)

20 Jun 2014

Protect the brand, protect the audience

Eddy Moretti, Vice Media

1) Save the cheerleader, save the world?
2) Is there causation in there (e.g., protecting the brand protects the audience)? Or are those dual missions?

Vice Media: Time Warner deal will not be at expense of youth audience | Media | theguardian.com

13 Jun 2014

I don’t know, man … In a lot of ways you can’t take street meat off the streets.

Interesting case study … I would try it out of a real kitchen.

The Halal Guys Are Cashing In on Street Cred - NYTimes.com