14 Oct 2014

60 seconds of 70 degree skating #hyperlapse (at Rockefeller Center)

13 Oct 2014

Q: How does MarketWatch stand out among financial news websites?

A: It’s important to routinely ask the Passover question: Why is this site different from all other sites?

Jeremy Olshan, Editor-in-Chief, MarketWatch

Love this reference / turn of phrase.

Marketwatch editor: Most stories will now be less than 400 words - Talking Biz News

9 Oct 2014


9 Oct 2014

Futures Lab Update #78: Building Brands and Products at Vox Media | Mediashift | PBS

8 Oct 2014

Sit down in any new dining room, and you are handed a cocktail list. Each drink on this document will have one ingredient you have heard of and seven that were apparently named after distant planets.


Restaurant Cocktails That Aim Too High - NYTimes.com

23 Sep 2014

Meet Brooklyn’s Next New Brewery, Threes Brewing

Great news, great name.



Brooklyn’s brewing boom continues. This fall, the borough will welcome its third new brewery this year, Threes Brewing (333 Douglass St., at 4th Ave., Gowanus). The booming space will be part brewpub, part coffee shop, part event space, and part production brewery — a big draw to what’s already an active craft beer scene in the area. Former Greenport Harbor brewer Greg Doroski was wooed by the partners in the project, and moved his family back to Brooklyn to take on the project of crafting Threes’ beers, which will be served once construction is complete in October.

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14 Sep 2014

The day ends the night begins

The day ends the night begins

6 Sep 2014

Yet the Ponte Rotto is still good for passage. It is a bridge for the mind, leading us across the gulf of the ages—a beautiful and nostalgic ruin of a once great feat of engineering and architecture by a people who are lost in time.

My Dad on Rome’s oldest bridge, a one-span ruin.

Masterpiece: Ponte Rotto in Rome - WSJ

3 Sep 2014

7th Ave Sunset #nofilter #allNYC

7th Ave Sunset #nofilter #allNYC

19 Aug 2014

As soon as I arrived at school … we got on a bus and went to the Baltimore Museum. When we got there, I got inside the museum, and I didn’t know any of the artists … And I feel like I survived that moment. And a lot of people are destroyed by that — they don’t survive that moment. And I always wanted to make work that people would not feel like they had to bring anything to the table, other than who they are, and who they are up to that moment — that they’re perfect.

Jeff Koons (starts around 9:00)

Charlie Rose | charlierose.com